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Thermoset Molding

 Elm Industries is one of the leading experts in thermosetting Polymer (also called a thermosetting plastic). Thermosetting polymer is a prosses in which polymer becomes irreversibly hardened upon being cured. Curing is caused by the action of heat or suitable radiation and is promoted by high pressure or the use of a catalyst. It results in extensive cross-linking between polymer chains to give an infusible and insoluble polymer network. A cured thermosetting polymer is called a thermoset 

The Materials

Elm industries uses exclusive suppliers that produce and manufacture right here in the USA. We have access to unique and infrequent thermoset materials and specialize in glass ● fiber-filled phenolics ● diallyl-phthalates ● urea ● epoxy ● and Bulk Molding Compounds. Different materials, temperatures and application environments all factor into constructing molds. Our team of experts have the technical experience and knowledge your company can depend on on.

Quality and Commitment

 When your producing parts that are integrated into Military and Aerospace applications, there is no margin for errors. Every part must be manufactured to exact Specification. Elm Industries uses a rigorous 3-point quality control process involving precise measuring equipment to ensure our products are accurate and unmatched in the industry. We have been tasked with fabricating molds that play crucial roles in today's applications. We know the importance of product assurance and guarantee our practices. 

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The People

 Centrally located between New York, Boston and Hartford. Elm Industries have been Leaders in the molding industry since 1967. Three generations of the martin families have shaped and formed Elm Industries into the knowledgeable experts in thermoset molding that they are today.

The Work

We Keep Pace with industry leading technology and trends. Breaking new ground and innovating new ways to deliver products that exceed the demands of today’s applications.

The Choice

  Elm Industries have designed and manufactured molds for almost 50 years. We have created a reputation in the industry that we are proud of and one that our customers depend on.  

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